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Biedrība "Diagonāle"

Intervija ar Ron Heusdens & Martijn van Ijzendoorn (Teksta versija)


     Rīgā aizvadītā pasaules kausa posma Rīga Open ietvaros mums izdevās parunāt ar leģendārajiem holandiešu lielmeistariem Ron Heusdens un Martijn van Ijzendoorn. Martijn un Ron ir ļoti radoši cilvēki, un vērot viņu spēli vienmēr ir aizraujoši un interesanti. Viņi abi ir draudzīgi un jautri, atvērti, ar brīnišķīgu humora izjūtu.

     Šeit mēs dublējam mūsu videointerviju, jo detektīvstāstā video cieta, bet izdzīvoja vēsturei.


1. Have you managed to see Riga? What did you like about our city?


Ron: - I was already many times in Riga, because my wife is from Riga. All city is very good, but actually I don’t know places where I was. It’s like simply looking at them.

Martijn: - I was in Riga. I was here during the World Championship match with Natalia Sadowska and I think the whole town is very beautiful, the atmosphere.

2. Do you have a favourite city where you’d like to come back?

Ron: - Yes, Rotterdam. I live in Schiedam, but my favourite city is Rotterdam. 

Martijn: - Yes, I think Barcelona, because I am a Barcelona fan, Messi fan, so I would like to go there again, I’ve been there many times.

3. What do draughts mean to you? Just a game? Sport? Or something you have dedicated your life to?

Ron: - Oh, I am not a professional player anymore, draughts mean a lot, draughts mean a lot to me, part of my life. It’s because I play several tournaments every year, my wife is also playing draughts, so it’s a game… it’s a way of life actually.


Martijn: - For me it’s more like a job. I have an A-status, we train with the other players. Yeah, my goal is to become a World Champion, so I am training every day, trying to become better.

4. Could you imagine your life without draughts?

Ron: - No, I will play till I die, I hope I will die behind the board.

Martijn: - Well, I am also studying still. After the World Championship, if I be a World Champion someday, I don’t know what will happen in my life.

5. What did you want to become when you were a child?

Martijn: - Well, it draughts was actually as a hobby. But when I was younger, I wasn’t involved in any other sport. From that point I think my goal was to become a World Champion. I am still not a World Champion, but I am training for it.

Ron: - Maybe I also wanted to become a World Champion, but it was not real, because Russians were much better than us. But I trained Martijn and he became much better than I, so I hope he will be World Champion.

Martijn: - I will dedicate it to Ron.

6. Where do you gain strength for creative games?

Ron: - I don’t know, I simply play and people think that I am creative. But I think I’ve earned that position before, because now I play very steady and not so creative anymore. I used to be a very interesting player. Sometimes I have a little bit in my head and then I am also playing twisty.

Martijn: - Yeah, I am just trying to find new ideas, new openings, new games. I don’t like to play theory, because some can also know and we just play twenty moves and … I also want my opponent to think during the game like they play without the answer.


7. Who supports and inspires you?

Ron: - My wife.

Martijn: - Wow, this is the tough question. I admire players like Georgiev and Chizov, they’ ve managed to win so many world championships, so I think they inspire me.

8. Ron, how did you feel after you lost the game against Vadim Virny at this tournament?

Ron: - I had some problems with my health, so now something happens in my head that I see sometimes pieces, they are not there. So he made a combination, I saw that combination, but I thought it wasn’t good because I give two… but piece was already gone. So I played this move, I saw immediately I’ve made a big mistake, still it wasn’t all but it was very difficult. That was a big mistake, I fought, but it was absolutely tough position. The round before I also did not win an absolutely winning position. So this tournament, yeah, it’s not right in my head.

9. How do you assess Riga Open tournament?

Martijn: - Well, it’s a very nice tournament I think. Many grandmasters… I think that tournament like this World Cup stage has never been so strong. Right now I only have plus two, unfortunately, but I’ll try to do my best to finish higher. 

Ron: - Only one round, Martijn.

Martijn: - Only one round, everything can happen.

Ron: - But not the first one.

Martijn: - No.


10. How do you think, who will win this tournament?

Martijn: - I think, Georgiev will win. He’s playing well.

11. There are qualities which are characteristic of actors, lawyers, teachers. How do you think, which quality characterizes a draughts player?

Martijn: - Well, intelligence. How do you think, Ron?

Ron: - Well, I don’t think you have to be intelligent. You have to be logically thinking. There are many players and I don’t think they are very intelligent. Not stupid, but… no, you have to have some logic in your head.

 12. What advice would you give children who are only starting to play draughts?

Ron: - Just play and the game will give you many opportunities to get better, to improve. It’s very nice, it’s a beautiful game.

Martijn: - I think the most important thing is to enjoy the game. Train, become better.

13. Martijn, is it easy to play with Jan Groenendijk?

Martijn: - Easy? No, no, everything can happen, I just try to create things that surprise people. 




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