Many a little makes a world team championship! (Blitz 08.05.2024)


Searching for the teams all over the world and trying to hold a world team championship, the international organization barely gathered 11 teams. And there are 6 teams in the women’s competition. And we have a question – is this really an international organization?

We do not see teams from America and Latin America in the composition, we do not see teams from the Central Asia, and the number of teams from Africa indicates that this region is not subject to an international organization.

Also, we did not notice the European teams from the Czech Republic, Estonia and Moldova. Representatives of Mongolia did not come either. Not to mention the impossibility of taking part in the draughts players from Russia and the Republic of Belarus so far.

With a further decrease in funding in European countries, in the near future the question of continuing the development of draughts in general will arise. And at the same time it will be necessary to raise the question, with whom of the European federations it is possible to have a dialogue and agree on the development of draughts, if money suddenly turns up.

Looking at the current composition of the international federation, it becomes clear that, if drastic changes and reconstruction of the organization are not carried out (there is currently no one to negotiate with), then there should be a person with whom you can talk about resuming the traditions of draughts sports. After all, sooner or later all the previously made statements of some federations will have to be somehow “forgotten”, “made public and the writers should be asked” or ….. (add the third option yourself).

And if we compare the development of the IDF, which will bring together representatives of at least 25 countries for the World Cup, all the world and European championships currently held by the international federation cause a sad, mocking smile. Considering that the international organization, as well as some proud federations, broke off relations with the IDF a couple of years ago unilaterally.

However, let’s move on to the results:

World Team Championship – group Albufeira

World Team Championship – group Faro

World Women’s Team Championship




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