The World Championship among veterans in international draughts has started in Korbach


After looking closely at the composition of the 3rd World Championship among veterans in Korbach we found many famous names from the world of draughts. These are the authors of many draughts’ books Lieshchynskyi, Rostyslav and Zdoroviak, Raphael, one of the most experienced players in Estonia Rist, Raivo, as well as the popularizer of draughts from the Netherlands Tjon A Ong, Andrew.

Who will be the absolute winner this time and who will get medals in their category, we will see at the end of the tournament. Maybe it will be a new name in draughts among veterans. You can follow the results both on the tournament website and on our website using the links below.

Sometimes I really want to ask a question: why are whole pages of new championships and tournaments being created and what happens to them after the event? Does anyone remember them? And looking at the FMJD page you involuntarily ask yourself the question of economics: maybe this is someone’s business?

Tournament website 

Results:  Classic  I  Rapid  I  Blitz  


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