The women’s National Championship has ended in Poland


The final of the women’s national championship in international draughts was dramatic. In the last round, unexpectedly, in an already tied ending, Natalie Sadowska made a mistake, and this allowed Marta Bankowska to become the champion for the second time. Congratulations to Marta!

The fatal party of the last round

Kosobudzka, Arleta – Sadowska Natalia  7. round 

44. 34-29  25-30 45. 29×20 30-34 46. 39×30 19-23  47. 28×19  13×35 

Apparently, in this position, which is evaluated as equal, it was necessary to choose a calm solution for black. One of the calm decisions was to make the exchange back. after waiting 44. …..   8-12. But before that, Natalia herself escalated the game and tried to “wind up” the position. and already here I began to rush to achieve the desired result – a draw.

.In the resulting endgame, we had to look for accuracy in defense, but we admit that Arleta did not choose the strongest moves either

Kosobudzka, Arleta – Sadowska Natalia  7. round 

58. …  23-29??  59. 38-33!  29×38  60. 48-43!  x

A simple mistake at first glance. but it is precisely such mistakes that give out what kind of tension the players had in the last round.


You can get acquainted with all the parties and the results here

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