The Russian Draughts Championship is being held in Russia (youth)


An interesting struggle unfolded at the Russian Draughts Championship. The names of most draughts players have long been known to a wide range of professionals. Who will be the winner? We will see soon, whether the forecasts published in the famous Telegram channel, will come true.

At the weekend according to the schedule (unfortunately, many people will have to miss hockey matches of the KHL, as cup matches have begun), blitz and quick program programs will be held.

We will post the tables as the results come in.


Boys:  U-27 / U-20U-17 

Girls:  U-27 / U-20U-17 


Boys: U-27 / U-20 / U-17

Girls: U-27 / U-20 / U-17


Boys: U-27 / U-20 / U-17

Girls: U-27 / U-20 / U-17

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