The most famous team tournament in Europe has begun


The Dutch team championship began on September 9, 2023. The most famous and recognizable brand of modern draughts. Gathering famous grandmasters and masters of the game.

10 leagues and 964 participants simultaneously playing in each round! There is no such thing in any country in the world! The uniqueness of the tournament is also in the composition of the teams. In some of them you can meet world champions and medalists of different levels from different years. Who will be the winner this year? The team of last year’s champions ‘Van Stigt Thans’ or a team with young talents ‘Hijken DTC’? There are only 11 rounds, and we will find out the winner.

Other championship leagues may be of no less interest. In them you can find many familiar and very famous names in the world of draughts.

On our page you can vote until December 31, 2023. Check your predictions at the end of the championship. In the meantime:

Results after the first round

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