The headquarters of the Association of the Draughts Federation of the SCO and BRICS member countries will be located in Ufa


The official document on this and on the establishment of the association itself was signed within the framework of the first International Draughts Tournament of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries. The first international draughts tournament of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization countries in Ufa is already coming to an end. The capital of the republic gathered the strongest draughts players from 14 countries, including Brazil, India, China, Mongolia, Iran, Turkey and many others.

Alexander Georgiev and Matryona Nogovitsyna won in the fast program of the tournament. You can see the results on the page of the tournament, we will give a link below. There were interesting games and great combinations, unexpected solutions.

Напомним, что Турнир организован на очень высоком уровне. Мы опубликуем только две вырезки из Положения о турнире.

And the question of prize money that interests many.

And now let’s ask a simple question. Who was the last time in the FMJD structure organized such tournaments? And what are the prospects that something will be organized on behalf of FMJD in the future? But…let’s leave it all.

Today is the decisive day of the final in the blitz! Who will be the winner? Alexander Georgiev or Alexey Chizhov? The broadcast starts at 8 am European time. Don’t miss it!

You will find the results here

And broadcasts with comments by Andrey Kalmakov here

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