The finals of the Brazilian and International draughts championships are held in China.


The finals of the Chinese Draughts Championships are being held in Hefei City District in Anhui Province. the strongest draughts players of China take part.

The name Hefei is ancient, given in view of the fact that here the waters of the “Fei River” (Kit. 肥水, Pall. fei shui), which came out of the mountains and divided into branches, were “united” again. Inside the Hefei City District is Chaohu Lake, one of the five largest freshwater lakes in China. There are several islands on the lake, the largest of which is Laoshan.

There are several parks in the central part of Hefei, the largest of them are Xiaoyaojin, Xinghua, Huancheng and Hefei Wildlife Park.The overwhelming number of residents of the Hefei Urban District are Han Chinese, there are small communities of Hui and Manchu Muslims. Most of the townspeople speak Mandarin of the Lower Yangtze (also known as “Jianghuai Mandarin”); in addition, the languages and dialects of Hoi, Wu, Gan and Mandarin of the Central Plains (also known as “Zhongyuan Mandarin”) are widely spoken to varying degrees

Women 64 

Women 100

Men 64 

Men 100 


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