The annual “Ларикс” 2024 festival is already tomorrow!


Perhaps this is the only festival. where representatives of different trends and styles meet together. They get to know new games and maybe decide to try something new and unknown.

The “Ларикс” Festival introduced us to the Tavrels. Tavreli is a Russian chess game with its own rules and the name of the pieces. You can read more about them on the page Tavreli Federation.

As we wrote above. here you can get acquainted with various games. someone will be interested in playing “syants” or shogi”, or maybe Makarenko chess.

Итак. 3 и 4 февраля, в Москве, в гостинице Парк Тауэр на Дмитровском шоссе.

Learn more about the festival and the games presented. you can read on the links:  “Ларикс”.


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