Such a different Poland in Turkey

The World Championship in international draughts among people with disabilities has ended in Kemer. This is the 5th World Championship for people with disabilities. A peculiar anniversary.

Why did we make such a headline? Just two organizers from Poland – Jacek Pawlicki and Leszek Petlicki. Two different approaches to sports and to people.

One shouting strange slogans at open tournaments does not solve issues with the development of checkers. And the second one, quietly and as always without advertising anything, holds championship after championship, with the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes with a neutral flag.

How important Leszek Petlicki is to what he does, you can assess by the faces of the participants in Kemer, by the friendly atmosphere and the care for the participants, which makes us happier.

Here are his words, uttered in an interview with the portal  “Шашки -народная игра” :

“A person is worth as much as he can give to others” is my motto. The world of draughts should be open to all social strata of society in all countries, despite the presence of cultural, financial or other differences.

You will find all the results by following the link to the Draughts Federation page for People with Disabilities

All tables and photos here

We will only pay attention to the participation of the Latvian athlete, who was the only one who received funding despite the ban, at the level of the Latvian law and the interesting politicy of the Latvian Draughts Federation.

Men, results here 

And here is a video with him

And also, let’s remember how important and necessary it is to remember about people with disabilities. How many talents are hidden in the human soul.


Closing ceremony of the championship:


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