Leopold, let’s be friends!


In Folloniki, the patron saint of which is St. Leopold, the European team championships in international draughts will be held. Unfortunately. the composition of these championships suggests sad thoughts.

Having seen the composition of the teams and their number, we have to draw conclusions about the deep crisis of draughts in Europe. As we have already written, the Dutch sent almost the 6th squad and with only one grandmaster in the team. 4 teams take part in the women’s program at all. If such a development is planned further, then as a structure, FMJD will increasingly resemble a sinking ship.

Victory against such a background looks like a symbolic event. At one time, the format of professional club tournaments was “successfully buried”, which brought together much more bright and talented draughts players. May Saint Leopold keep the participants of this tournament with the name – the European Championship.


Classic   Men / Women 

Blitz        Men / Women 

Rapid     Men / Women 

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