International Draughts Tournament of the SCO countries

History repeats itself over and over again. But sooner or later it had to happen. With an incomprehensible FMJD position (or maybe understandable), a new organization has appeared in the draughts world. An organization that unites the strongest players, coaches and draughts schools in the world. New website, live broadcasts and development.

On June 10, an agreement will be signed between representatives of national federations, said the Vice-President of the Russian Draughts Federation.

An agreement has been reached on the establishment of the Association of Draughts Federations of the SCO and BRICS countries, whose headquarters should be located in Ufa. This was announced on Thursday by the Vice-president of the Draughts Federation of Russia Yuri Chertok.

“On June 10, an agreement will be signed in Ufa as part of the first international tournament of the SCO and BRICS countries,” Chertok said. — We are creating a common management body, our own website and a competition calendar. I wouldn’t call it an alternative to the World Draughts Federation, because we don’t pretend to host world championships yet. On the contrary, we are creating an association that, with a favorable development of events, could join an international federation.”

The association is going to include the national draughts federations of Russia, Belarus, China, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Pakistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Iran, India, Armenia and Brazil.

In the meantime, you can follow the course of the competition on the organization’s website here

Draughts games are available here

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