“In today’s situation, draughts have not future.” – H. Wiersma (Blitz 04.11.2023)

Having seen the composition of the last World Championship among adults in international draughts, one of the “rebels” and respected in the world of draughts (and not only) grandmaster Harm Wiersma uttered his prophetic phrase. And we agreed with him.

With today’s FMJD leadership, in which two characters (Don Quixote and Sancho Panza), like the heroes of the famous work of M. Servantes, strive to perform feats, one is more ridiculous than the other, draughts have no future.

Therefore, we agree with H, Wiersma – draughts die. In this form, they will have no future. Perhaps only under the FMJD flag.

This time two knights of draughts from FMJD took another step towards the development of draughts:

  1. Observing the principle of one China, we invited draughts players from Taiwan behind the back of the Chinese Draughts Federation. Running ahead of the locomotive, ahead of political decisions, is the first sign of intellectual weakness, or, if it is done on purpose, it is a sign of conscious harm.
  2. We practically do not see representatives of Africa at the World Cup. Apparently, FMJD needs representatives of Africa only for voting in forums and elections. And FMJD does not plan to develop draughts in this region.
  3. We once again bring up for discussion the feasibility of creating Internet resources for each championship. Who is doing this and why? At the same time, the FMJD site has long lost its appearance and compliance with at least some standards of the time.
In the meantime, the results of the Youth World Championship of a small part of Europe:


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