‘DRAUGHTS LEAGUE-2023’ will be held in Budapest!


We have been waiting for this message for a long time! The ‘Draughts League 2023’ tournament, which was successfully held in three Baltic cities last year, continues its journey this year. This year there will be one stage in Budapest!

The ancient, beautiful and incredible Budapest awaits the participants of the ‘Draughts League-2023’!

From December 15 to 17, 2023 the ‘Draughts League-2023’ stage will be held with the participation of at least 6 teams already! But there may also be an increase in the number of participants in the next two weeks! Teams from Moldova, Hungary, Germany, Latvia, the Netherlands have already formed their applications.

But… Until October 29, 2023, we are still accepting applications from teams who want to join our tournament, and also want to see their children among the participants of the ‘Albatross’ and ‘Hameleons’ tournaments in Budapest.

Among the participants you will find many familiar names from the world of draughts. We will try to hold the tournament at a good level and are waiting for new applications!

We publish Regulations of the ‘DRAUGHTS LEAGUE-2023’

Preliminary compositions: ‘DRAUGHTS LEAGUE-2023’  I  ‘ALBATROSS-2023’


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