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Website Terms of Use

These terms of use of the website (hereinafter – the “Home”), developed by the association “Diagonāle” (hereinafter – the “Terms”), determine the terms of use of the Website and the rights and obligations of registrants, as well as other visitors to the Website (hereinafter – “ Website Users”).

1. General regulations

1.1. The website was developed by the association “Diagonāle”, all rights to the materials published on the website belong to Vsevolods Teterin, Registration number, …, legal address: Riga, Lokomotīves iela 70a-53, LV-1057 (hereinafter – “the Association”). These Terms are governed by the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, the Terms apply in the territory of the Republic of Latvia.

1.2. The Association recommends that Website Users familiarize themselves with these Terms, as well as with the Association’s personal data processing policy. By using the Website, Website Users agree to the Terms and the processing of personal data.

2. Intellectual property rights

2.1. All results of intellectual activity and means of individualization placed on the Website, incl. design elements, projects, drawings, models, graphic images (including illustrations), photographs, text, audiovisual materials, computer programs that make up the Website, musical materials with or without text and other materials, as well as trademarks and industrial designs , are protected in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia, incl. international agreements of the Republic of Latvia. The specified protected objects together and separately form the protected content of the Website (hereinafter – “Content”).

2.2. The Association is the subject of rights to the Website as a collection of materials, as well as to the Content (except for cases where the relevant page with the Content does not state otherwise).

2.3. Except for the cases directly specified in these Terms, as well as in the current law of the Republic of Latvia, the Content cannot be used (including copied, published, reproduced, modified, distributed, sold or used in any other way) in part or in full without the consent of the Association.

2.4. Citation of text materials published on the website is permitted, with the mandatory indication of an active hyperlink to the Website or the Website section with the Content to be cited.

3. Signing up for news

3.1. Website Content is available to Website Users regardless of their registration on the Website. However, in order to actively use the possibilities of the Website (for example, to receive information about the Association’s special offers, promotions, events, about the news of the “Albatross” project, about the new publications of the magazine “Dambrete”, about children’s tournaments in the territory of Latvia), you need to subscribe to the Association’s news.

3.2. Subscription to news is voluntary, free of charge. A natural person who lives in the territory of the Republic of Latvia and has reached the age of 18 can subscribe to the news.

3.3. When signing up for news, the Website User must provide the necessary true information – e-mail address, first name, last name, date of birth, gender, marital status, place of residence (county, settlement or city, street, house number). Website User can specify additional information – surname, additional information about place of residence (zip code, district, apartment number), mobile phone number. The Website User is responsible for the truthfulness, topicality, completeness and compliance of the data provided with the laws of the Republic of Latvia.

4. Personal data

General terms

4.1. In order to subscribe to the news, it is necessary to provide personal data (hereinafter – “Personal Data”).

4.2. The Association ensures the protection of Personal Data from loss, misuse, unauthorized access, disclosure, alteration and destruction. Personal Data processing is carried out in accordance with the Law on the Processing of Personal Data of the Republic of Latvia, other applicable regulations of the Republic of Latvia, as well as the Personal Data Processing Policy of the Association.

4.3. The Personal Data provided by the Website User when subscribing to the news are stored in the Personal Data Information System of the Website If the Website User did not indicate otherwise, Personal Data may be used to inform directly about special offers, promotions, events.

4.4. Personal Data will not be transferred to third parties, except in cases where transfer is necessary in accordance with legal requirements. The Website User has the right to view information about his Personal Data that is being processed, to request clarification of Personal Data or its deletion from the Association’s Personal Data information system, by contacting the Association in accordance with Clause 4.5 of the Rules. Deleting the User’s Personal Data from the website means the impossibility of receiving the Society’s news. Then third parties who provide the services of the Association can access the Personal Data.

4.5. Questions related to the processing of Personal Data can be addressed to the Association (contacts are specified in Clause 7.3 of the Regulations).


4.6. The association ensures the protection of Personal Data of Website Users, which were specified when signing up for news, against unauthorized access. For this reason, subscription to the newsletter is carried out by confirming the e-mail address (the Homepage User must go to the specified link, which will be sent to the e-mail address).

4.7. The Association is not responsible for the actions of third parties (including Internet service providers at the location of the Website User), for the security of communication channels through which information is transferred to or from the Website, and does not guarantee the constant availability of the Website and its uninterrupted operation.

Use and Disclosure of Information

4.8. Unless otherwise stated, the Association may use data to improve the Content of the Website, for its fuller development, to exchange information with Website Users (at the request of Website Users), for the marketing and research purposes of the Association, and for other specified purposes. In addition, the Association has the right to fully use all information obtained on the Website in a non-personally identifiable form.


5. Websites of third parties

5.1. The website may contain links to websites of third parties on the Internet. The association does not control such websites, is not responsible for the legality of their content, the Rules do not apply to the use of such websites. Website Users should familiarize themselves with the privacy policy and/or terms of use of each website they visit.

6. Homepage Users’ rights and obligations

6.1. Website User has the right to:

apply to the Association with complaints about the Content of the Website, the operation of the Website;

subscribe to the Society’s news on the Home Page.

6.2. By visiting and using the Website, the Website User undertakes:

to comply with the valid laws of the Republic of Latvia and these Regulations;

when subscribing to the Association’s news, provide true and up-to-date data, update them in a timely manner (including information about the place of residence);

indemnify the Association, Website Users or third parties for damages caused by violating the Rules or the laws of the Republic of Latvia;

get acquainted with all information of a legal nature, which is placed on the Website or is available with instructions;

regularly check the Society’s publications in connection with the changes introduced in the Regulations;

if you do not agree with the Terms and the changes introduced in them, leave the Website.

6.3. The Website User is prohibited from publishing and distributing any kind of information on the Website that:

contains threats, is defamatory, offends honor and respect or commercial reputation, violates the privacy rights of other Website Users or third parties;

violates the rights of minors;

contains obscene words, lewd, pornographic images and text, sexual materials involving minors;

contains scenes of violence, animal cruelty;

contains descriptions of means and methods of suicide, encourages suicide;

propagates and/or promotes the incitement of racial, religious, ethnic hatred, propagates fascism or the ideology of the superiority of one race;

contains extremist material;

propagates criminal behavior or contains tips, instructions for committing crimes;

contains restricted access materials, incl. state and commercial secrets, materials about the private life of third parties;

contains advertising or describes the attractiveness of using narcotic substances, contains materials on the distribution of narcotic substances, recipes for their preparation and advice on use;

is fraudulent;

violates the intellectual property rights of third parties;

violates the rights of personal data subjects;

violates other rights and interests of citizens and legal entities or legislative requirements of the Republic of Latvia.

6.4. Website Users are prohibited from:

make mass messages without the consent of other Website Users;

use the software and perform actions that interfere with the normal functioning of the Website;

publish and distribute on the Website or otherwise use viruses, trojans and other malicious programs;

place commercial and political advertising on the Website;

perform other actions that may harm the Website, the Association and Website Users.

7. Rights and obligations of the association

7.1. The Society grants Website Users technical capabilities for Website use.

7.2. The Association has the right to process Personal Data of Website Users.

7.3. The association undertakes to consider messages sent through the feedback form or to the address: Vsevolodas Teterin, Riga, Lokomotīves iela 70a-53, LV-1057.

7.4. Despite the fact that the Association tries to provide the most accurate information possible, the Association is not responsible for the accuracy of the information placed on the Website.

7.5. All information posted on the Website is provided “as is” (“as is”) with possible errors, without warranties of any kind, express or implied. The association does not provide any kind of guarantees for the information that is placed on the Website. The Association is not responsible for any direct, indirect, actual losses, including lost profits, arising from the use of information posted on the Website, even if the Association was previously warned of the possibility of such losses.

8. Changes

8.1. The Association has the right to correct or clarify these Terms. Changes will be published on the Website, as well as, if necessary, in other sources of the Society. The changes will also apply to those persons who are Website Users at the time the changes come into force. Changes will take effect 30 days after publication.

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