Dreams come true! You just need to believe!


What the pioneers dreamed of has come true… Jokes are jokes, but this weekend at the tournament organized by the Moscow Draughts Federation an electronic board in Russian draughts was tested and launched.

During the ‘Russian World’  blitz tournament it became possible to record the game electronically and broadcast it on any screen using the board image obtained from a simple smartphone. Now the problem with recording the game on a 64-board is being solved, as well as its transmission to a live broadcast in an electronic modern version!

We congratulate Natalia Gryaznova, vice-president of the Moscow Draughts federation, on this achievement!

To see how it works, and at the same time to see the results of the tournament you can follow our links:

Tournament results: Tournament under 18Tournaments 18+ 

Electronic games:  Under 1818+ 

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