A fragment from the book by Y. Kirillov ‘Искусство защиты’. Part 42


It is not always possible to come out of the opening with the best position and at the end to fight for the victory, you also have to defend. Sometimes it seems that the position is already ‘impossible to save’, after a while you will have to give up, but there is the only plan that still leads to a cherished draw.

The art of defense in the draughts game is certainly one of the indicators of the player’s skill. We express our gratitude to Yuri Kirillov for the book of paradoxically drawish positions ‘Искусство защиты’. Perhaps in this book you will find the game that was ‘not saved’.

Diagram No. 211 

The position seems simple from the side, however, white need to seek for defence. 

1. FE5!! (the only move)  BC5!! (If 1… HG7, then 2. DE3 ВС5, a draw)  2. DB6! FB2  3. BA7 BA1  4. AB8 AD4  5. BC7 DG1  6. DC3, a draw.

Diagram No. 212 

White’s position is not worse, but they need to think of defence! 

1. ED4! (the only move)  BD2  2. CE3 CB6!!  3. AC7 BD6  4. GH2!! DC7  5. HG3 CB6  6. GH4 DC5  7. HG5 FH4  8. DE5 CB4  9. ED6 BA3  10. DE7  AB2  11. ED8 BA5  12. ED4 AB4  13. DE5 BC3  14. EF6, a draw.

Diagram No. 213 (black to move)

In a very bad position black have found a very beautiful defence! 

1… FG7!  2. ED4! (the best move)  CE3  3. DF4 GH6 4. CD2! AB2!! (wonderful move)  5. CA1 ED4  6. DE3! DF2  7. GE1 FE5  8. AB2! EG3  9. HF2 HG5  10. FG3 DE5  11. BC3 GF4  12. GH4 FE3  13. CB4! (the best move)  ED4!!  14. HG5 EF2  15. EG3 DE3 16. GF6 ED2  17. GF4 DC1  18. FE5 CD2  19. BC5!! DC3  20. CD6 CB4  21. DC7 BD6, a draw.

Diagram No. 214 

White have been tied, but they found a great defence!  

1. AB2! AB6  2. BA3 DC5  3. FE5 GH4  4. EG7 HF8  5. DE5!! HG3!! (the best move)  (If 5… FG7,  6. CD4 HG3  7. DC3 GH2!  8. EF6 GE5  9. DF6 HG1  10. CD4! Draw.)  6. EF6 GH2  7. CD4 AB4  8. DE5 BA5!  9. EF4 HG1  10. FE7 FD6  11. EC7 CD4  12. AE3 GD8  13. FE5 DE7  14. BC3 EA3  15. EF6 AF8  16. CD4 AB4  17. DE5 ВАЗ  18. FG7, a draw.

Diagram No. 215

White have found a complicated and a beautiful draw. 

1. FG3! HF2  2. EG3 EF6 (2… GF4  3. GE5 CD6  4. EC7 DD4  5. GF2 EF6!!  6. BC5 DB6  7. AB4 FE5  8. FG3, a draw)  3. GF2 GH4 4. GF4 CB6! 5. FE5 FD4 6. CE3 BA5  7. BC5 AB4  8. CD6!! (the only move)  BC3  9. AB4!! CA5  10. EF4 AB4  11. DE7!!  Sacrifice!  11… DF6  12. FG5 FE5  13. GH6 BC3!!  14. HG7 CB2  15. FG3!! The third sacrifice. 15… HF2  16. GH8! = Excellent!


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