Terms and conditions

  1. Concepts
    “Seller” – the natural person specified in the order for goods, whose goods are sold on the website www.albatross.land. in accordance with this Agreement and who is responsible for the fulfillment of the Buyer’s order. In the product order, the Seller, with whom the purchase contract for the relevant product is concluded, must be specified.
    “albatross.land” – website whose address is www.albatross.land. , in which the Seller’s goods are sold and which is administered by Vsevolods Teterins, a natural person registered in the Republic of Latvia, natural person registration number 30037410351, legal address Maskavas iela 322 – 411 Riga, LV-1057.
    “Buyer” – 1) a natural person capable of acting, i.e. i.e. a person who is of legal age and whose legal capacity is not limited by a court judgment; 2) a minor between fourteen and eighteen years of age who has the consent of parents or guardians, except for cases where the person has been granted the majority before the term or the person is considered to be of legal age; 3) legal entity.
    “Agreement” – the purchase agreement of the relevant goods concluded by the Buyer and the Seller, which is considered concluded from the moment of confirmation of the Order, i.e. the moment of placing the order. Everyone between the Buyer and the Seller concluded
    “Order” – an order for Goods, which includes all the goods that the Buyer wishes to purchase from the Seller, and which are specified in the same order.
    General terms

    Albatross.land. the seller of the goods offered in the online store Vsevolods Teterins, taxpayer code 30037410351, Maskavas iela 322 – 411, Riga, LV-1057 on the one hand, hereinafter referred to as the Seller, and a natural person who purchases goods and/or services in the online store or uses the store, who has reached the age of 18 and intends to purchase goods and/or services, hereinafter referred to as the Buyer, on the other hand,

    The following distance contract for the purchase of the offered goods is concluded in the online store, hereinafter – the Store, hereinafter – the Agreement:

    The seller commits to the website www.albatross.land. sell the offered goods and deliver the goods to the Buyer, in accordance with the Buyer’s order and this distance agreement.
    You can buy goods in the Store only by placing an order at www.albatross.land. on the website.
    Before placing an order, the Buyer reads the Store’s privacy policy and complies with it.
    This distance purchase-sale agreement is an agreement concluded by the Buyer and the Seller on the purchase-sale of goods available in the Store, in accordance with the rules of distance purchase-sale, which determine the obligations and rights of the Seller and the Buyer, the conditions of purchase and payment of the goods and/or services offered by the Seller, the goods and /or service delivery and return procedures and the responsibility of the contracting parties.

  2. Obligations of the buyer
    To purchase goods or services, the Buyer places an order in the Store by filling out an electronic order form.
    The buyer can purchase goods and services in the Store only by agreeing to these terms. The Buyer must confirm that he agrees to comply with the rules and confirms that he has read them and understands them, if the Buyer does not agree to the rules, then it is not possible to purchase the services and the product.
    A Purchase-Sale Agreement is concluded for each Buyer’s order. The buyer places the order by filling in the form and providing the data necessary for the purchase, hereinafter referred to as the Order data.
    The Buyer is responsible for the correctness, non-disclosure and/or storage of the data of the Order.
    The Buyer and the Seller have concluded a Purchase and Sale Agreement when the Buyer places an order and creates a basket of goods according to the Seller’s instructions and indicates the delivery address or the method of receiving the goods, confirms that the terms have been read,
    The Buyer must pay for the order, and the Seller confirms the Buyer’s order by e-mail.
    The buyer undertakes to accept the goods ordered in the Store after confirming his order and making payment.
    The buyer is obliged to pay for the ordered goods and their delivery within 3 (three) days and to make other payments, as specified when concluding the Purchase-Sale Agreement, as well as to accept the ordered goods in the prescribed manner.
  3. Buyer’s rights
    The buyer has the right to withdraw from the distance purchase-sale agreement concluded in the online store, by informing the seller in writing no later than 14 (fourteen) days, according to 20.05.2014. Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers no. 255 “Regulations on the distance contract. The buyer has the right to return and/or exchange goods of inadequate quality and to use the warranty granted to the goods and other rights provided to the buyer in the regulations.
    The Buyer is obliged to check the goods when accepting them, and to inform the Seller about damage, obvious defects and model or other differences from what the Buyer ordered in accordance with the established procedures in the online store to the phone number 22344556 and the e-mail address dambretes@gmail.com.
    If the Buyer does not accept the goods, then the Buyer must cover the costs of the goods, as they are with the return of the goods.
    Product prices, payment procedures and deadlines
    The purchase-sale agreement is valid until the fulfillment of the obligations specified in this agreement – payment and delivery of the goods.
    The price of the goods is indicated in the Store and/or in the order in euros, including value added tax. The price of the goods does not include the fee for the delivery of the goods and the fee for the services that the Buyer orders from the Seller. Unless otherwise specified,
    Goods delivery services and other services are paid separately by the Buyer.

  4. Supply of goods
    When ordering the Goods, the Buyer can choose one of the methods of delivery of the goods.
    After prepayment for the goods, the buyer is obliged to receive the goods immediately after receiving information that the goods are ready for receipt.
    If the Buyer chooses the goods delivery service, the delivery price is shown at the end of the ordering process, before making the payment. The product delivery service is paid for in advance, that is, when paying for the purchase of the order.
    When ordering the delivery of the goods, the Buyer indicates the exact delivery address and provides suitable conditions for the delivery of the goods. When the goods have been delivered to the address specified by the Buyer, they are considered to have been handed over to the Buyer, regardless of whether they were accepted by the Buyer himself or another person who accepted them at the specified address.

  5. Seller’s rights
    The seller has the right to change the terms, prices of goods, terms and conditions of purchase of goods or other conditions applicable to the Store by publishing the changes in the online store.
    The Seller is also entitled to restrict or deny the Buyer access to the Store without prior notice, as well as to cancel the Buyer’s registration if the Buyer has not fulfilled his obligations or has been dishonest, as well as the Seller may temporarily stop or terminate the operation of the Store, change its content partially or completely, limit purchases in the Store, for the fact that purchases are changed and limited without prior warning to the Buyer.

  6. Obligations of the seller
    The Seller is obliged to refund the amount paid to the Buyer for the ordered product within 7 (seven) working days, if for some reason the product cannot be purchased or the product is returned to the Buyer.
    It is not considered that the Seller has violated the terms of the refund if the money transfer cannot be made due to the fault of the Buyer – inaccurate data, other reasons.
    Product quality guarantee and expiration date
    If the product’s warranty period is not indicated in the Store, the standard 2-year warranty applies to the goods purchased by the Buyer.
    If, in accordance with the regulations, the Buyer, when returning the Goods, is required to present the document confirming the purchase and payment and fill out the application form for the return of the Goods
    If the Goods are missing parts or damaged, or dirty, or inadequately packed, the Seller has the right to refuse to accept such Goods and refund the amount of money paid by the Buyer for the returned goods.
    14 The Buyer can submit claims and/or complaints about the goods and/or services purchased in the Store to the Consumer Rights Protection Center (Brīvības iela 55, Rīga, LV-1010, by calling +371 65452554 or by writing to the e-mail address pasts@ptac. gov.lv, or on the website of the Consumer Rights Protection Center www.ptac.gov.lv, or by filling out an application on the online platform for resolving consumer disputes http://ec.europa.eu/odr/.

  7. Responsibility
    The buyer is responsible for the accuracy of the data provided. In case the Buyer provides inappropriate data, the Seller is not responsible for the consequences.
    The buyer is informed that in the event of damage, the guilty party compensates the other party only for the direct damage caused.
    The Buyer agrees that it is deemed that the Buyer has agreed in writing to all the information provided on the Seller’s website, including these terms of the contract, information about the Seller, the offered Goods and services and their characteristics, the provisions regarding the Buyer’s right to withdraw from the purchase-sale agreement and the warranty provided .
    In connection with this distance purchase-sale agreement, the Buyer and the Seller will comply with its conditions and be guided by the valid legal acts of the Republic of Latvia, which regulate such transactions. All disagreements between the parties shall first be resolved through negotiations. If the contracting parties are unable to resolve disagreements through negotiations within two weeks, they shall be resolved in accordance with the valid legislation of the Republic of Latvia.
    The seller has the right to amend the Terms. Amendments to the Terms come into force when they are published in the Store. If the Buyer uses the Store after the publication of amendments to the Terms, it is considered that the Buyer’s consent to all amendments to the Terms has been received.

    These Distance Agreement/Purchase Terms are valid from September 1, 2021.

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