A. Kalmakovs “Бортовая шашка 25” Anthology



I bring to your attention my new book – “Onboard checker 25. Anthology”.

Positions with “side checker 25” are very popular and often found in practical play. The strategy of playing with checker 25 is successfully used by many strong checkers players. Among them: Ton Seibrands, Alexey Chizhov, Edward Buzhinsky and many others.

However, I would still not recommend for novice players to occupy the “board field 25” at an early stage of the game. Since the correct strategy of playing with “side checker 25” requires a fairly good level of skill.

In my book, there are many examples of playing against “board checker 25”. The book includes more than 300 items. In all positions White starts and wins. For the convenience of readers, the positions are systematized in ascending order 9 by 9, 10 by 10, and so on…