Turkey or Jelgava? European champion or Baltic champion?


We promised good news. And so, the time has come for them. Now it will be difficult for you to make a choice, but still we hope for a sports component and an unpoliticized solution.

As we reported earlier, the Latvian Draughts Federation, together with two Draughts Federations, protested not only to the whole draughts world, but also to international draughts-64 competitions. Let’s leave the choice to them…

We would not want the level of skill and capabilities of our draughts players to decrease or stop, as well as sports activities to be suspended. Therefore…

1. We have signed a long-term cooperation agreement with the IDF. Now those draughts players who want to participate in events under the auspices of the IDF will have such an opportunity. We will conduct selections for the European and World Championships, as well as for World Cups and other interesting events that will be held under the auspices of the IDF.

2. On March 25 and 26, the qualifiers for the championship in Turkey, which will be held in April 2023 in Alanya, will take place. We remind you that according to the conditions of participation in the IDF competitions, one player in his age group (boy or girl) is accepted at the expense of the organizers. The selection in each group is carried out according to the classic version of checkers-64 and with normal control of 25 min + 5 sec. For adults, qualifying competitions will be held on April 1-2, 2023.

The position of the qualifying competitions is here.

3. We also publish regulations on tournaments held in Turkey. In a favorable situation, the Diagonal Society is considering the possibility of paying tournament fees to participants of the European Championships and the World Cup in the classical program.

The regulation of the European Championship: adults I children

The IDF website is here.

4. We know how difficult it will be for you to make a decision, how many questions will immediately seem unsolvable. But then the difficulties will turn out to be only a surmountable strong-willed obstacle. We are rooting for our sport and for children to have the opportunity to play our favorite game. Play in Turkey or play in Jelgava? Everyone chooses for himself. Any sport, when it closes in one country, eventually loses its appeal both from sponsors and from the audience, as it is not sad to realize.

We invite everyone and will respect any of your choices!


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