Parents and children on our favorite “Albatross”!


It’s time to share with you the impressions from our favorite and warm draughts tournament. And let it be a little chaotic this time, sometimes chaotic.

Our tournament has become international and guests from neighboring countries are coming to us more and more often. This time the victory in the tournament “Albatross” celebrated – Benas Mendelis!

As usual, we conducted a quiz that our children loved so much. This time, checkers from “Bolderaja” teams, who scored 1400 points, will go bowling. And would you be able to answer the questions. related to the history of checkers?

  1. In which city did Ton Seibrands set the first record in 2009 for the blind game?
  2. Who owned the record for playing “blind” in 2012 and who set it?
  3. Who was able to play “blindly” on 32 boards and in what year?
  4. Which team won the Dutch Team Championship in 2021?

And while you are thinking about the answers or peeking on the Internet, you can see our photo gallery.

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