Oficially: IDF and DIAGONAL have signed the cooperation agreement!


In the Baltic states the development of draughts on a small board has reached a dead end. The Latvian Federation, pushing its interests in the organized Baltic Cup and thus ‘letting down’ the Lithuanian Federation, has put on tournaments in international draughts.

At the same time, many talented and purposeful draughts players from Latvia and other countries want to play on a small board. They want to play this exciting game, to which many have devoted almost their entire lives.

Now this problem can be solved for individual athletes who want to participate in IDF and DIAGONAL competitions, travel to different countries and play with the strongest athletes in the world. Thanks to an agreement between two strong organizations, draughts players will have the opportunity to play on a small board!

We remind you! The IDF is an international federation registered in Bulgaria, legally operating on the territory of the EU and other countries. The council of this organization includes representatives of federations from all over the world. The severance of relations with this organization was initiated by several proud federations that are not interested in the development of draughts on a small board.

IDF calendar for 2024

As promised, we are publishing the calendar of the main competitions for 2024:

1 “Albatross 2023/2024” 1st stage (64+100) 

“Hameleons 2023/2024 1st stage (64+100) 

“DRAUGHTS LEAGUE 2024” 1st stage

Budapest, March 29-31, 2024 
2 “Albatross 2023/2024” 2nd stage (64+100) 

“Hameleons 2023/2024 2nd stage (64+100) 

“DRAUGHTS LEAGUE 2024” 2nd stage

Bratislava, June 14-16, 2024
3 “Albatross 2023/2024”  3rd stage (64+100) 

“Hameleons 2023/2024 3rd stage (64+100) 

“DRAUGHTS LEAGUE 2024” 3rd stage 

Düsseldorf, Essen, August 23-25, 2024 
4 “Albatross 2023/2024”. 4th stage (64+100) 

“Hameleons 2023/2024 4th stage (64+100) 

“DRAUGHTS LEAGUE 2024” 4th stage 

Rome or Paris (to be clarified), December 13-15, 2024 


We invite organizations and individual draughts players to cooperate! We will provide the necessary legal support.


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