New Year’s holidays with “Hameleon” are bright and different!


On December 29, festive events will be held in honor of the New Year’s final of the Hameleon! In total, three festive events will be held: the final stage of the Draughts League tournament, a simultaneous game session and the main event of the half-year – the final of the 8th season of the Hameleon-2022/2023 tournament.

You will learn about the final stage of the Draughts League and the simultaneous game session in our next posts. Follow and you will be able to take part in our draughts festival!

About the Chameleon finale and the finalists:
  • Our finalists will play in a round-robin system with a time control of 10 minutes. + 3 sec., with the draw of the first move.
  • We start this time at 12 o’clock:
    • The first part of the tournament – from 12:00 to 16:00
    • The second part of the tournament –  from 17:00 to 20:00
  • Closing and general celebration of the end of the season –  from 21:00!
  1. The prize to the winner of the tournament significantly exceeds the prizes in adult tournaments (see here).
  2. Organizers give memorable gifts to each participant.
  3. At the Chameleon competitions, you can always meet a photographer, unlike (see here), and take a picture for everyone’s memory together.
  4. The geography of our tournament is constantly expanding.

The final regulations are here.

The composition of the participants of the final here.

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