The number of new clubs is growing in Estonia


After looking at the composition of the upcoming Estonian international draughts championships we have sen new names and new clubs. Which we were sincerely glad about! And if this number grows a little more, then in this case competition within the country will increase and new names of coaches will appear.

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From simple… to hard. Part 24


Author: Erik Maijenburg

According to the materials of foreign press. This section of draughts used to be very popular in draughts material editions. It is good that nowadays there are such draughts players who mark interesting combinational games and ideas. ‘Catch’ in the ocean of draughts game ‘draughts pearls’. One time in a month we are going to publish the findings of different authors on our webpage. Perhaps an idea from here will help you to win in your own draughts game.

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Congratulations to Alexander Petrov on his birthday!



  1. Latvijas jauniešu čempionāts klasikā 100 lauciņu dambretē U13 zēniem       – The bronze medal
  2. “Albatross 2023” Budapest open tournaments                                                – winner
  3. Hameleon”Budapest open tournaments 2023                                                – winner
  4. Latvijas jauniešu komandu čempionāts 100 lauciņu dambretē U13 grupā    –  the winner and the captain of the team
  5. “DRAUGHTS LEAGUE 2023”                                                                        –  silver medal
  6. Latvijas komandu čempionāts  jauniešiem 64 lauciņu dambretē U13            – silver medal and team captain
Club DK "Hameleons"
Trainer Всеволод Тетерин
Year of birth 2013
Sport class 1
Rating 1145
Victories 69
Draw 24
Losses 61
Total 162
Percent 52.60%
Place 3
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