A gift for subscribers of our website! Happy New Year 2024!


At the beginning of 2023 we promised each subscriber of the site a small gift from our library. And on New Year’s Eve 2024 we begin to fulfill our promise.

For each subscriber of our site who officially became our subscriber before December 15, 2023, we provide the opportunity to select two books (any) for the period from 1948 to 1970 (51 editions in total) and receive them to their (registered) email in PDF format.

To receive the selected books subscribers send the name and author of the book, nickname in our system (to facilitate the search) to an e-mail diagonale@albatross.land; and receive a gift from us during the first weeks of January 2024. We accept applications until January 6, 2024!

You will find the list in our gallery!

Additionally we will reward the 5 best subscribers of our site, which we will announce during the Christmas Holidays on January 6-7, 2024!

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