They should have had time to put up a monument..(Results 02.06.)

Here one very “big” figure of the federation (local), as a layman and not a psychologist, took care (why all of a sudden!) of the number of children in the U-16 and U-19 groups. And clearly distracted from the idea of installing a monument, he began to distract his colleagues with unnecessary questions. The same kind of laymen as himself (and a bit of a Russophobe).

We also remember that this “big” figure signed decisions against our children, against the activities of our group of tournaments. A really “big”, one can say “big” figure and psychologist without a certificate.

Especially for the rest of the federation members, for the future, we publish (for now without translation) a signature under the planned monument, it may be useful. The establishment of which has been discussed for six months. There are no other problems. But the main thing is that the opinion of the main big specialist is heard.

Я памятник воздвиг себе иной!

К постыдному столетию — спиной.
К любви своей потерянной — лицом.
И грудь — велосипедным колесом.
А ягодицы — к морю полуправд.

                                         J. Brodsky (almost a foreign agent)

Веленью божию, о муза, будь послушна,
Обиды не страшась, не требуя венца,
Хвалу и клевету приемли равнодушно
И не оспоривай глупца.

A. Pushkin (foreign agent) 

By the way, we cannot understand in any way how for a single playing grandmaster and several coaches there are 5 management members on the board. Given the further reduction in the budget, what will these would-be managers decide? By the way, be sure to look at the rapid and blitz tournament lineups for the upcoming national championship. It’s a funny sight.

Meanwhile, new digital technologies have already appeared at the Draughts League, Albatross and other tournaments, allowing you to record games on a small board in a digital version, as well as broadcast with the VAR system. And in Bratislava seminars will be held for advanced coaches, referees and players.

We completely forgot about the results of the powerful national championship:


Boys   U-8 U-10  /  U-13  / U-16  /  U-19  /

Girls    U-8 U-10  /  U-13  / U-16  /  U-19  /


Boys   U-8 U-10  /  U-13  / U-16  /  U-19  /

Girls    U-8 U-10  /  U-13  / U-16  /  U-19  /

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