They could have given rake after all…


Laughter remains laughter, but organizers of the championship of Riga could have indeed given a rake and garden scissors for cutting bushes. After all it was smart enough for them to give a ball and a frisbee to rather mature men.

We on the other hand would like to give an advice to the leaders of the federation and are ready to provide a list of second-hand stores to search for prizes for further competitions. If they do not want to use the services of second-hand stores, they can order a humanitarian cargo at one of the warehouses in Europe as well.

22 people have come to participate in the championship of Riga. You can feel the development. Considering that only one of the five members of the federation’s board tries to train, but from the city where the trainings take place fewer and fewer draughts’ players come to the tournament. Apparently, they have already received once a frisbee.

We are looking forward to the opening of the draughts’ school in Jelgava. We even promise to come to the opening. With soccer balls of course.

The table of championship is available here.

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