The Latvian championship among boys and girls in international draughts has ended


Finally, it happened! The heads of the federation took over and rented a conference hall for the competition. They acted bravely and bravely. True, the room is small and uncomfortable, there was not enough space for parents, it was stuffy, and two judges could not calm the children who were making noise. But… they dared.

The U-19 groups were once again created artificially, as at the last championship among students, where three students and 15 younger children played. But, most importantly, they conducted it again… for show. Maybe someday a photographer will be invited. However… what’s there to cover. The technical results are below.

Table U-10 boys  here.

Table U-10 girls  here.

Table U-13 boys  here.

Table U-13 girls here.

Table U-16 boys здесь

Table U-16 girls  here.

Table U-19 boys  здесь.

Table U-19 girls here.

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