School is school, but infantilism remains…


Riga championship among boys and girls in international draughts has ended. As always, the development of draughts is dynamic and funny in the gym and with prizes for the youngest.

We are very happy for Maksim Novitsky and Peteris Kripans, who, despite the closure of the ‘Domatprieks’ professional school, showed a high level of training that other schools are unlikely to approach in the near future.

We express our sincere words of sympathy to all the draughts players of the ‘Domatprieks’ school and wish them to preserve the sports spirit of their own school in these difficult conditions. No one in Latvia at the moment will be able to ensure the development of draughts in the near future.

Prizes awarded to 19-year-old boys in the form of children’s board games for teenagers under 13 in the school gym only assures that the worst is yet to come. However, we have written and said a lot about this. It is useless to return to the question of the adequacy of the draughts managers.

It is sometimes necessary to cover such competitions, and therefore we are publishing the results:

Group U-14 and U-19 here.

Group U-9 and U-11 here.

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