‘Chameleon’ and ‘Dambrete’ the best in their age groups!


The next youth team championship will be held in Latvia. And let the number of teams not cause a feeling of success. Most teams are ready to play only with quick control and will disappear from view after a year.

The development of sport number 3 in Latvia (as one Latvian blogger recently said in Russian on the Russian Telegram channel) is developing in a closed and relaxed mode. School again. Again the control of the announced championships like the classic ones will be fast. To please some acrobat brothers and those who stands for low skill and competition for show (public sector coaches).

The answer to the question of development is worth seeking for in the U-16 group, where 6 teams are hardly recruited.

Results:  U-8  I  U-10  I  U-13  I  U-16 



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