Look for a woman! There are only 6 of them left in Latvia!


It worked! Guys, this is just a success! According to the version of our federation with President V. Vesperis and the management team: E. Matveev, R. Paegle, J. Stals, A. Trasko, there is a shortage of women in Latvia. They found only 6 who know and, importantly, know how to play Russian checkers.

And after all, how they found it! According to the regulations, applications were accepted, as expected, until May 30. Then they decided how many days to play, where. And you won’t believe it, but we stopped at the fact that women get tired, and therefore let them play only on Saturday and Sunday.

By the way, if anyone doubts the legality of the participation of some participants, then our federation held an emergency meeting, drew up the minutes of the meeting. and also published it on her page. You didn’t find him? How?! There is no him… Well, no… And they made a remote decision. Distantly from reality. Style… what can I say!

By the way, the development of draughts continues. After all, 5 participants took part in the semifinals (some did not take part, but play in the final. Special selection by party lists), and there are already 6 in the final!

They laugh at the circus because the clowns work there. They laugh in the theater if it’s a comedy! And here… It’s even sad to laugh.

As the hero of the famous work Ostap Bender said to Shura Balaganov: “Shura, well, how long will you last? A year, maybe two. Then your red curls will become familiar, and they will start beating you!”.

Forgot about the players…You can watch šeit

The responsible employee is visiting the “Chameleon”. Let’s allow ourselves to smile.




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