Gym as a synonym for the quality of life in draughts Latvia


After the European Draughts Championship in Turkey, it is unusual to come to completely wild conditions for the finals of the Latvian championship. And although the habit has long been a diagnosis, it still looks ridiculous.

Considering that our sports functionaries from the federation plan to organize further tournaments at the same “high” level, then more and more I want to ask only one question – “When will the level break the bottom?”. While the “budget” coaches are satisfied with this and they will master the same “budget” money and shake for them – we will not change anything. Their existence is determined by a very primitive consciousness.


U-8 girls

U-8 boys

U-10 girls

U-10 boys

U-13 girls

U-13 boys

U-16 girls

U-16 boys

U-19 girls

U-19 boys


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