Go there, I don’t know where…


There is very little time left and another group of draughts players will fall apart. And if for a long time we wanted to see a reasonable strong leader at the post of the federation, now it’s just the opposite. Let the previous “online manager” be re-elected. “The Zoom-manager suits everyone.”

We can laugh at the squalor of the competitions for a long time again. But the further you go, the more interesting they get. This time the U-16 group has already stopped to gather people in Liepupe. Soon, at this rate, the federation’s leadership will reach the U-13 group. And after that (the federation is working on such an idea at its online meetings – see the protocol of the last meeting from 01/15/2024) the federation will come up with a new type of draughts sport instead of the old ones. Maybe underwater…

To destroy the structure that you run at such a rate, it is necessary to have a truly universal talent. Moreover, russophobic.

We have been saying and hinting for a long time that a person who simultaneously plays, judges and changes toilet paper in the toilet, while paying the rent for the playing rooms and analyzing the situation in draughts on the Internet, will never be able to build anything.

At the competitions in Liepupe we did not see a single draughts player from the famous Latvian clubs: Līvānu Bērnu un jaunatnes sporta skola, Bērnu un jauniešu centrs „Rīgas Skolēnu pils”, Dambretistu biedrība „Dāma”, SIA “Amats un Dizains”, Rēzeknes novada Sporta skola, Nodibinājums dambretes klubs “Malta”.

If you see draughts players from these clubs and legal members – write, call! The world draughts community is worried! Is everything all right? Are the coaches alive? Do they receive subsidies?

Oh, we almost forgot about the results:

Boys: U-8U-10U-13U-16U-19 

Girls:  U-8U-10 I U-13U-16U-19 

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