Championships called “Just like that”


It is quite difficult to justify the weak Latvian championship in Russian draughts by a simple generational change. The winner will receive a modest cash prize and a trip to “nowhere”. We have not seen the female line-up until today.

Weak composition, lack of proper motivation and absolute indifference to the fate of draughts “64” on the part of the leadership of the Latvian Federation headed by V. Vesperis and composed of: R. Paegle. A. Trasko, E. Matveev, Ya. Stals: soon it may lead to a situation that began to develop and repeat in groups U-16, U-19. And then they will be invited to the Latvian Championship in the final tournament of any skill level and age, in the hope that they will come. Simply so.

The main thing is to stick to a certain course of development.

Table men here

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