And ‘young’ elderly people come after their pension (results for Russian draughts added)


When young people at the age of 18 want to seem older, this is due to the desire to please and be on top with women. Adolescent puberty complex. But when at the age of 49 people want to seem older, we have not yet been able to find a psychological explanation for this phenomenon. Maybe it has something to do with “maturation” too? (or vice versa)

According to one of the versions that way it’s probably better to prepare for an old-age pension. After all, the years are not the same and the skills are leaving. And the experience? Where to put it?

It is also nice to look younger and smarter among your aging colleagues. However, a friend and comrade of the 49-year-old ‘old man’ from the federation board so hid his birthday that only experienced players knew that he had still turned 50 this year! Though he is a man of unusual modesty, everyone knows about his hidden talents – an excellent speaker (everyone remembers his fiery speech at the presidential elections of the federation), a unique IT specialist (on his website it is not necessary to comply with laws on Internet resources), an excellent analyst in all types of draughts and a commentator of any tournaments (though with the help of programs and only for one or two moves, but these are details). And what a name – Raymond! (We are jealous….)

Both young ‘old men’ have done well once again – they have taken prizes leaving no chances for the 60+ category. It is a pity, they could have successfully invited their friends and acquaintances from the board and sympathizers. After all, many have already turned 50… And someone is 49…

Results:  International draughts  I  Russian draughts

We offer two friends and young ‘elderly men’ to review the film from the shared childhood. Maybe it will come in handy. Let us remind – according to the plot both heroes did not want to leave work in any way and decided to… (see below)

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