And the eggs were beating in vain…


Competitions in Liepupe sometimes amaze with their vitality. Also, of course, they are striking in their uselessness and isolation from the real world. But what we talked about a few years ago is already happening – draughts began to die in the U-16 group.

After the last elections and seeing the federation board after the meeting, it can be stated that the death of draughts on a small board has become real. The last representative and Russian draughts coach J.Stals disappeared from the board. He turned out to be more adequate than a great choral master and a successful entrepreneur-parent on the basis of psychology. Instead a bright bird flew in with a ruined farm in Kuldiga behind him. There is no prospect of development.

After all, everyone is already familiar with the payment from the federation of 20 percent (imagine, only 20 percent!) of the expenses of the team for the World Team Championship in Portugal. The splendor and poverty of courtesans, what can we say. The main thing is that the organizer’s salary does not suffer.

But… it’s not about that now. It is about the results of the useless tournament in Liepupe.

Boys  U-19U-16  /  U-13 U-10  / U-8  /

Girls  U-19 U-16 U-13 U-10  / U-8  /

By the way the “golden boy” continues to shine on the Internet, not getting into the top three winners for the second tournament in a row. This PR for the sake of PR is a strange thing. Or is it something else? We’ll wait and see. It is also worth noting that he plays Russian draughts. This action in the country, where everything is put on international draughts, thanks to two acrobat brothers, is unclear to us.
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