Who is brave to come to Turkey with us? We are inviting individual players


In accordance with the Competition Calendar for 2024 the International Draughts Federation (IDF) is holding training events and international competitions ‘Turkey-2024’ – the Draughts World Cup – 64 in Turkey.
The competitions will be held in three disciplines: Blitz, Classic (international version of draughts-64), Rapid (Brazilian version of draughts-64).

Venue: Ma Biche Kemer by Werde Hotels 5*, Kemer (Turkey). The competition is the first stage of the 2024-2025 World Cup.

Also: The International Draughts Federation (IDF), in accordance with the Competition Calendar for 2024 is holding European Draughts Championship-64 among boys and girls in Turkey from April 19 to 28, 2024. Competitions will be held in the age groups up to 27, 20, 17, 14, 11 and 9 years old in the disciplines of Blitz, Rapid and Classic game.

Diagonal Society is the official representative of the IDF in Latvia. In connection with the document signed earlier we provide an opportunity for individual players to participate in these competitions and provide support to draughts players who like Russian draughts. The huge capabilities of the IDF and the beauty of Russian draughts will not leave you indifferent.

Many draughts players has begun to come out and seek contacts with the IDF behind our backs. So they see the future in the IDF and recognize the future of Russian draughts. We invite everyone who is looking for cooperation to contact us. Playing with the strongest draughts players in the world is the best choice.

We welcome the IDF’s efforts in the development of Russian draughts and invite you to take part in the World Cup and European Championships. And also in our competitions in Budapest, Bratislava and Rome.

We accept applications until April 5, 2024 via e-mail: diagonale@albatross.land



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