Well, we have Tashkent! The Triumph of Sergei Belosheev (World Cup in Uzbekistan)


The expression that was used to describe the heat in the room became a reality at the World Cup tournament in Uzbekistan. 100 players in the blitz program and 85 in the classics! Grandmasters missed the game. Missed. And most of all the legendary Sergey Belosheev missed the victories who won all three World Cup programs!

In competition and in the game with the strong the level of skill increases. Only then is a young player able to feel all the nuances of the game. And only in such a struggle are different results possible. After all, who can remember now when Andrei Valyuk lost two games in one tournament? And when, if not now, to see how the legendary Sergey Belosheev scores +8 in the grandmaster tournament!

And all this is Tashkent in 2023.

Results:  Blitz  I  Rapid  I  Classic

Tournament page here.

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