Traditional draughts’ tournament ‘White nights-2023’ will be held in St. Petersburg


In the historical center of St.Petersburg from July 23 (arrival day) to July 30, 2023 (departure day), traditional draughts’ tournament ‘White nights-2023’ will be held.

‘White Nights’ tournament has been held in St.Petersburg for more than 40 years and has long been the hallmark of the city in terms of draughts. In the past years the tournament has had a different status – from city competitions to the World Cup stage. The number of countries and players taking part in this event has been steadily growing. In different years almost all the strongest athletes of Russia and the world have played in this tournament. And now the ‘White nights’ tournament is one of the largest draughts’ tournaments in Russia.

More information on the IDF website here.

Results: Open tournament

Russian competition:  B-9  |  B-11  |  B-14  |  B-17  |  G-9  |  G-11  |  G-14  |  G-17

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