The sea, the sun and the water are our best friends! (results of Classic 25.10.2023)


The World Youth Championship in Russian draughts has begun in Turkey! A great place by the sea and wonderful weather accompany a good mood among friends of draughts! The start has been given!

The World Youth Championship has started today with a lightning program. Guests from Africa have arrived with the world champion……… Who knows, maybe he will become a world champion again?! Let’s see! The competition is tough, the atmosphere is friendly, and the coaches’ worries are endless! We watch and enjoy the sea, the sun and the warmth!


Blitz     B27 I B20B17B14B11 I B9 G27G20G17 I G14G11G9    

Rapid  B27B20B17B14B11B9 G27G20G17G14G11G9 

Classic | B27 | B20 | B17 | B14 | B11 | B9 G27 | G20 | G17 | G14 |  G11 | G9 |

Live broadcasts:  Camera 1  I  Camera 2

Opening of the tournament:

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