The European Championship in Russian Draughts among men and women was held in Turkey (Rapid program)


The European Rapid Game Championship was held for men and women in a mixed system in 2 stages: the preliminary stage and the final stage. No more than three players from one country were allowed to enter the final stage.

The preliminary stage was held according to the Swiss system in 7 rounds for women and 7 rounds for men.

In the final stage, the participants who took 1st-8th place in the preliminary stage played for places in the quarterfinals, semifinals and finals, playing one micro-match in each competition. In case of a draw in the games of the final stage, the player who took a higher place in the preliminary stage went to the next stage.

Rapid program, preliminary stage   Men  |  Women

Results of the men’s final games


Mikhalchenka, Ihar    2-0   Dosca, Ion       
Valiuk, Andrei    1-1    Dudco, Denis       
Shchukin, Roman    2-0   Tikhonov, Artem
Germogenov, Nikolai    0-2    Struchkov, Nikolai


Mikhalchenka, Ihar   1-1    Struchkov, Nikolai
Valiuk, Andrei    1-1    Shchukin, Roman
Germogenov, Nikolai    2-0   Dosca, Ion
Tikhonov, Artem    2-0   Dudco, Denis


Mikhalchenka, Ihar   1-1   Valiuk, Andrei
Shchukin, Roman    2-0   Struchkov, Nikolai
Germogenov, Nikolai   1-1   Tikhonov, Artem
Dudco, Denis    1-1    Dosca, Ion

Results of the women’s final games


Khvashchynskaya, Vera   2-0   Vainonen, Kaari   
Nikifarava, Darya    2-0   Scovitina, Elena
Vatolina, Kristina   1-1    Fedorova Tunaara
Аprosimova, Sandaara    0-2   Nikalayeva, Viktoryia


Khvashchynskaya, Vera   1-1   Nikalayeva, Viktoryia
Nikifarava, Darya   1-1   Vatolina, Kristina
Аprosimova, Sandaara    2-0   Vainonen, Kaari
Fedorova Tunaara   1-1    Scovitina, Elena


Khvashchynskaya, Vera    1-1    Nikifarava, Darya
Vatolina, Kristina    2-0    Nikalayeva, Viktoryia
Аprosimova, Sandaara    0-2   Fedorova Tunaara
Scovitina, Elena    1-1    Vainonen, Kaari

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