The Draughts World Cup-64 begins in Ulaanbaatar (Results Classic)


The International Draughts Federation (IDF), together with the Ulaanbaatar Draughts Association, in accordance with the Competition Calendar for 2024, is holding the Draughts World Cup-64 – Mongolia — 2024 International Competitions in Mongolia for the first time.

.In all disciplines, open tournaments are held according to the Swiss system in 7-9 rounds, according to the system of micro-matches of two games with a draw of initial moves and positions according to the official IDF table valid on 01.01.2014.

In each discipline, the winners and prize-winners among men and women are determined.
Additionally, winners and prize-winners among boys and girls under 17 years of age (born in 2008 and younger) are determined.

The prize fund of the competition will be at least 2000 US dollars.

Results    Blitz | Rapid | Classic game


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