IDF 64

In memory of Vladimir Vasilyevich Skrabov (Added blitz results)


A tournament dedicated to the memory of the outstanding grandmaster Vladimir Vasilyevich Skrabov is taking place in Yaroslavl. Vladimir Vasilyevich was one of the brightest grandmasters and one of the outstanding coaches of his generation, with his own view on the development of draughts. He always supported young players, and cherished the memory of his coach Vladimir Vasilyevich Varov.

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Who is brave to come to Turkey with us? We are inviting individual players


In accordance with the Competition Calendar for 2024 the International Draughts Federation (IDF) is holding training events and international competitions ‘Turkey-2024’ – the Draughts World Cup – 64 in Turkey.
The competitions will be held in three disciplines: Blitz, Classic (international version of draughts-64), Rapid (Brazilian version of draughts-64).

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