Jacek Pawlicki arrived in Tallinn


Jacek Pawlicki visited the traditional tournament in Nomme, which was very popular at the time. When an FMJD functionary comes to the tournament, we have to wait for negotiations. But what topics will be raised during the traditional tournament? Maybe about section 64, which some federations are trying so desperately to promote? Will see.

Recall that Aare Harak (EE) and Alexey Domchev (LT) recently left their posts in the structure of the FMJD organization. Who will take their place and will the policy of the international organization change? And will our sport survive in these difficult conditions?

In the meantime, about the tournament…

Despite the small number of participants, it is worth noting that Freidenfields Peteris, despite its respectable age, is still in the ranks! (But Peter Petrovich will be 88!) And in the third round Freidenfields Peteris was able to beat one of the brightest Estonian draughts players – Korgessaar Eliise.

Table here 

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