I’m sorry, Yular! (The results of the tournament in Yogeva)


After looking at the composition of the next international tournament in Yogeva, we again came to the conclusion that there is no solidarity between the three proud federations. And the organizers of the tournaments should only calculate the losses from such activities-inactivity.

Having pushed through their selfish and unrealistic interests, at the very beginning of the opera about the cancellation of world-class players, the organizer of a wonderful high-level tournament was forced to rename it, change the name.

Promising that players from all over the Baltic region will come as soon as they arrive! And it turned out like in a good joke about an impotent man. And there were no participants, no twinkle in their eyes.

Despite the participation of Alexander Shvartsman and the invincible independent Boris Druzhinin, there is no hope for a good future and development of this tournament. No ONE came from Latvia except veterans! And he won’t come in the future. Since the process of eliminating checkers on a small board is in full swing.

Things are even worse in women’s competition. After all, even the girls from Lithuania, who until recently was the leading Russian draughts player at the world level, were not found.

We sincerely sympathize with Yular as the organizer of a wonderful, interesting and professional tournament. After all, we know how tournaments die. At one time, with the mediation of certain average minds from checkers, the RTU tournament was killed, By the way, the RTU chess tournament is still taking place.

I’m sorry, Yular! Because we knew that we could not trust these figures.

The results of the tournament in Yogeva:

Men        Classic 

Women   Classic 

Tournaments    Rapid   Blitz 


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