How Estonians turned out to be smarter and bolder than our politicians from sports


I want to applaud standing up! 20 Estonian draughts players, not counting their parents and coaches, went to the European Championship in Russian draughts in Turkey. while Lithuanian and Latvian draughts players continued to express “russophobic accusations”  and inadequate demands to the entire world draughts community in their own correspondence with the support of the board of their federations.

Estonians have once again proved that the courage and independence of their own opinion, as well as the athletic growth of their own children, does not depend on political strife. far-fetched blackmail and cynicism, which can simply block the development and happiness around.

Friendship in checkers has its own atmosphere, its own aura. And if draughts players unite around true interaction, then nothing can break it. It sounds perfect – but I want to believe that for the most part it is.

Estonians have shown an example. How to be independent and worry about sports. How to be brave! This is how they now differ from Latvian and Lithuanian draughts players, who showed cowardice so that they would not talk later. And no matter what paradigms they defend themselves with. And it is not necessary to go far for an example. After all, a famous grandmaster from Lithuania came to Turkey. But he did not dare to speak. Like the shadow of Hamlet’s father, the entire championship took place. But I came. Fear – either makes you a man if you overdo it, or you always remain an infantile teenager. Our draughts players, unlike Estonians, are infantile and dependent teenagers. Therefore, once again – bravo to Estonians! They’ve grown up.

The Board of our Federation (V. Vesperis, J. Stals, R. Paegle, J. Matveev, A. Trasko) chose a rather slippery path. Behind his back, they tried to negotiate the creation of section 64 at the FMZHD. having neither the means for holding tournaments nor the opportunities for this. Inviting athletes from the Netherlands to their open tournament in July, they are negotiating the transfer of the legal address of the FMJD from the Netherlands. Trying to balance and constantly changing the rules of the game, sooner or later you will lose this game. The arena in the circus is round and the audience has not clapped for a long time. Having officially left the IDF, they are trying to find arguments to punish someone for participating in their tournaments, they hold their own national championship on the draw of the IDF. Clowning and nothing more!

But .. apparently, the lack of will of “budget-minded” and dependent coaches, the lack of real independence in decisions, will allow them to “manage” what is left for a long time. And only in official correspondence will there be the courage to accuse and divide according to nationality, holding an incomprehensible grudge against everyone and everything. While forgetting about the Olympic Charter.

Excerpt from the response of a friend of one of the board members R. Millers to parents: “bet ar galvu vajag domāt, kad piedālāties prokrieviskos, pretlaviskos pasākumos.” (translation “You need to think with your head when you participate in pro-Russian and anti-Latvian competitions”)

We will be happy for the Estonians, for their medals, for the fact that sport remains a sport for them without racial, cultural and national discrimination. Bravo, Estonians!




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