The last stage of the ‘Draughts League-2022’ in Riga!


Before the New Year 2023 the festive stage of the “Draughts League-2022” will take place! The draughts festival in 2022 took place, no matter what our detractors and ‘waiting’ for our defeat would say.

During the first season of ‘Draughts League-2022’ we managed to gather the strongest Latvian team in international draughts ‘Avotu 51’ (team ‘RNA’), the strongest Lithuanian players in Russian draughts (such as Arunas Norvaišas, Domantas Norkus), the strongest squad from Estonia led by grandmaster Arno Uutma, as well as invite the great Zoya Golubeva to take part in first matches.

Seminars and discussions, a simultaneous game session were held on the fields of ‘Draughts League-2022’. However, the most important thing was Communication and a festive atmosphere.

Next year one of the teams will have another top grandmaster, or maybe two. But… everything ‘one by one’.

On December 29 the last stage of the ‘Draughts League-2022’ with tea and coffee, and a lot of interesting positions will take place!

The composition can be found here.

A live broadcast on our channel here.
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