See you soon! ‘DRAUGHTS LEAGUE 2024’ in Budapest, Bratislava and Rome!


We started with 4 teams. This was the beginning of our long journey towards creating a good tournament and competitive environment. In 2023, we have already assembled 7 teams. And we hope the upward movement will continue. Players who trust us know that we stand for quality and adherence to the principles of beauty, harmony and sportsmanship.

In 2024 our ‘DRAUGHTS LEAGUE-2024’ will be held in three most beautiful cities in Europe. We chose Budapest, Bratislava and Rome. It is in these cities that the stages of our tournament will take place, as well as the stages of the children’s tournaments ‘Albatross’ and ‘Chameleon’.

We will try to increase the number of teams and increase the competition. We will strive to attract the strongest players in the world and organize seminars with their participation. Also one of our goals is to create open tournaments with a good prize fund. We will actively cooperate with organizations from different countries interested in organizing a professional environment for our draughts players. And we will strictly adhere to the principles of the Olympic Charter, which contains important theses for the development of sports.

Perhaps for the first time in 2024 draughts players from Africa and one of the Asian countries will come to us. We are actively working on this issue. We also actively work with all organizations that develop draughts in the international arena.

So, ‘DRAUGHTS LEAGUE-2024’ is waiting for new teams in the new season. We offer:

  1. All stages are held in excellent hotel complexes, at least 4 stars. Double rooms with breakfast included.
  2. Well-equipped game rooms with the possibility of live broadcasts of games.
  3. Friendly atmosphere without political, ethnic conflicts and prejudices. Only the game!
  4. The most beautiful places in European cities.
  5. Independent and unbiased judging. But strict.


We are considering the possibility of holding individual tournaments in these cities, if we receive a sufficient number of applications, with a prize fund of 1000 euros (in each tournament). We accept applications for participation in our tournaments electronically:



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