Important changes for the Bratislava tournament! There will be Open tournaments!


Important! Taking into account the requests of many participants of our tournaments to organize a good Open tournament, we decided to change the format of our competitions in Bratislava. Also, for the convenience of the participants, so that many of them could have time to play in Prague, the dates of the tournaments in Bratislava were adjusted by us. So: the Bratislava Open 2024 will be held from August 15 to August 18, 2024!

What is important to know about the tournaments in Bratislava!

  1. Two Open tournaments in Russian and international draughts according to the Swiss system will be held.
  2. For the first time (!) the Russian draughts tournament will use the modern IDDraughts and VAR system to record and broadcast games on a small board.
  3. A seminar will be held on the new system of conducting and recording Russian draughts tournaments, new modern digital terminology in draughts will be used.
  4. In Open tournaments there is a guaranteed prize for winners with a number of participants of at least 40 people. The winners will receive from 500 euros guaranteed prize.
  5. In individual Open tournaments team points for each team will be calculated and they will be included in the Draughts League-2024 tournament table.
  6. The organizers receive three grandmasters at their own expense, who submit applications for participation on time and agree on the terms of participation.

We are waiting for applications until July 20, 2024! Email address:

Those who send applications before July 1, 2024 and pay for participation, will receive a memorable surprise from the organizers.

Tournaments regulations 

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