Friends are meeting in Budapest!


There are only 5 days left before the start of so long-awaited tournaments! Only 5 days! And our friends will gather in Budapest, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe!

Our tournament got better and ‘fatter’ during the year. This year 5 countries are represented in the tournament. Teams from five countries will fight for our main trophy – the ‘Draughts League-2023’ Cup!

Among the participants you will notice the luminaries of draughts Zoya Golubeva, Yuri Kirillov, Yakov Shaus and Gennady Shapiro. Grandmaster Denis Dudko will also come from Moldova. The fight is expected to be serious.

Two countries will be represented by two teams each. You will also notice several new names among the participants. Surprises are ahead!

As usual, we will be broadcasting on our Youtube-channel and Telegram-channel!

Watch, cheer and guess who will be the winner this year!


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